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Rhodiola Rosea P. E.

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Product Name: Rhodiola Rosea P. E.
Supply Ability: 10000
Specifications Salidroside 3%
Price Term: CIF
Port of loading:
Minimum Order 25kgs
Unit Price:
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Production Name Rhodiola Rosea P. E
Botanical Name Rhodiola rosea. L
Source Any of various perennial herbs which are about 10-20 cm high, having sturd, taper, filemot and fleshy root with much fibre. The rhizoma which is covered by many imbrication and scale-like leaves is short, sturdy and cylindrical. Several scapes shoot out from the axil which is at the top of the stem. Many fleshy leaves exist on the upper and lower parts of the scape. The leaf which has no handle is oblong with the indentations on the edge. It is sharp at the tip and duniform at the base. The herb which is harvested from July to September has terminal cyme amd red flowers. It is mainly distributed in Northeast, Gansu, Xinjiang, Sichuan, Tibet, Yunnan, Guizhou provinces and so on.
Used Part Root
Active Ingredient Salidroside
Specification 1%, 3%
Appearance: Red-brown fine powder
Function Anti-aging, anti-radiation, anti-virus, anti-tumor, anti-fatigue Oxygen supplementation Brain mechanism improvement Myocardium function improvement Usage Medicine Dietary supplement and beverage Cosmetic.

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